Song of the Week: Fair Weather

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Hello friends!  This is the inaugural blog post for our Virginia Plane site and the first installment of "Song of the Week," wherein I muse about one of the nine original tunes on our new record. Don't let the back-to-school crush fool you - there are NINE weeks left in summer!

"Fair Weather" - song 2, title track

I've been thinking a lot about Atlanta in the rain.  We slip easily into droughts and yet seem to deal with flooded streets so often.  The storm rises, the storm passes, the sun bears down, and days will only get hotter as we get to August. But isn't it wonderful when the deluge hits in the early morning hours and you wake to a day that feels cleaner and bluer than the one before it?  That's part of what I was trying to express in this song--the equivalent of rolling with those changes but in our own minds our relationships. Sometimes we all need a little patience. I know I do.

This song was a blast to work on with the band, and it's one of my favorites to play live.  Tracy's bass line and Wayne's drumming are in the driver's seat -- Tim's solo is sick -- I love Wayne's high harmonies at the end.  It was a great collaboration coming up with the arrangement.  I hope you enjoy!

Listen to "Fair Weather"



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