Song & Video of the Week: Summer

As the Summer of 2017 comes to an end, I am sharing our new video of "Summer," the first song on Fair Weather.  I started writing this song three years ago, and I knew it would be the first song on my next album.  It's not just about the season--it's about being able to shake off whatever stale, mundane trap you've fallen into and stepping into the possibilities of the present day. This song set up a sort of framework for the record--as the other songs came, I knew they all belonged together. 

When I started working on "Summer" with Tracy, she added the ahhhs and some other key elements which really defined the song, so this is our first official "co-write."  We were playing this song and even made a demo of it before Tim joined the band, but now with his guitars everything about it feels more dynamic, full and immediate. I absolutely love our four part harmonies and everybody's work on this track. 

The video footage was shot this summer in and around Grant Park by the band and mostly by Wayne.  Tracy gave us a concept to start with and then we went from there.  Wayne did all the editing and re-editing and really made the video into something cool. 

Yay!  Here's to all our days of summer - may they be many and full of wonder.

Mary Harrison