Song of the Week: Summer Friend

Hello all! I missed a couple of weeks on the song blogging -- and we have had a crazy few days here in Atlanta -- but this week I'm writing about one of my favorite tracks on the record, and I'm very excited to share it.  "Summer Friend" is a tribute to all those friends and loves we find in our vacation days, whether they belong to the distant past or have become a part of our daily existence. A few weeks ago over drinks a friend of mine said something like, "There are two kinds of people -- the kind who went to summer camp, and the kind who didn't."  I'm flubbing the wording, but you get the idea. I'm a summer camp person, and that's in the map of my mind now.  So are seaside amusement park rides at Panama City Beach, sunsets on the dunes of the Outer Banks, touring ancient ruins of Greece in the rain, and picking wild blackberries on the island of Inisheer. There's a blend of romance, longing and magic to those vacation connections.  Maybe there's more optimism or possibility in the air that charges how we see ourselves and the people we meet. 

And sometimes we have very important relationships that may have been most deeply lived in some moment we can't go back to, but those people are always with us. There are a lot of people in this song--people I love.  Arranging the song with my band mates, who I also love, was incredibly satisfying.  Wayne, Tim and Tracy are singing in the beginning, we're all singing on the bridge (one of my favorite moments on the record), and the outro is also an all-sing.  Tim's solo feels righteous, and his guitar line at the very end of the song came from an idea Tracy had in the studio. Tim Delaney did a fantastic job with the mix, especially with the layers on the bridge and the outro where I also added in some piano. 

I'm probably over-doing it in my praise of the song--it's just a three minute catchy tune, not brain surgery, Beethoven, or Brian Wilson making Pet Sounds. But I'm very proud of it, it's right out of my heart, and I think it's a product of some great collaboration. 

I hope you like it.

Listen now.




Mary Harrison