Song of the Week: Broken White Lines

For many of us living by the school calendar, this is the first week back with students.  And no matter how well it's gone (mine has gone very well!), we've still had to leave something rather hazy and magical in the rear view mirror of summer vacation. That's part of what this song is about -- going from one version of yourself to another.  I think the idea had been knocking around in my psyche for a while before I wrote this song--decades even.  In particular, I remember one night on the highway heading back to Atlanta from Nashville. The dark stretched out in all directions except for the bubble created by my moving headlights. It felt kind of hypnotic. This song captures something I haven't been able to capture before about that sensation.

Tracy and I started playing "Broken White Lines" as a duo, and once Wayne and Tim joined the band we were very conscious about wanting to keep it fairly minimal and leave lots of space. When we first started playing the song we had to keep reminding ourselves to think about the arc of the song -- "Dynamics," we would remind each other.  It's one of my favorite songs of ours to sing.   Enjoy!

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Mary Harrison