Song of the Week: Turn On My Stereo

Last week I spent a few days camping in north Georgia with the kiddos. This same trip - to Black Rock Mountain State Park - was on the school calendar three years ago, and just days before we were set to leave, I broke my foot. I hadn't broken a bone since college, and I was completely stymied by how difficult it was to navigate my world with a broken right foot - no driving, not able to walk down the steep stairs to my basement (where I do laundry), not able to go out at night to hear music without someone coming to swoop me up.  I needed so much help.  And I felt stuck for many weeks.

When I finally could take the boot off my foot, I felt incredibly free. It was late at night and dark in my living room. I was playing Richard & Linda Thompson's I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, and the first track is "When I Get to the Border." It's one of my favorite songs.  I started dancing around just because I finally could dance again. My broken foot seems so trivial compared to all the meaning that song suggests, but that moment was the instigating inspiration for this song.  The person on my stereo in the song is Richard Thompson, but it could have been one of a dozen other musical heroes who have woken me up or lifted my spirit at crucial moments.  The song is also a nod to "Come All Ye" by Fairport Convention.

Listen now!


Mary Harrison