Song of the Week: Whatcha Gonna Do

I lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, for two years, and it's a town that has been important to me and my family for as long as I can remember, as has the University there.  So I have been preoccupied by the events there these last few days and also still am adjusting to the new school year.  I don't remember when I realized that sometimes you just had to put your head down and go to work, but I wish it was something I'd understood earlier in life.  When I am discouraged, if possible I try to get to work and do something worthwhile. This song fits my state-of-mind this week . . . and that's all I'm gonna say about the lyrics, which are pretty straightforward.

This song is the last one on the record and the last I wrote of this batch.  I wrote the basic tune and the lyrics, but it was very much a canvass for the band to fill in.  We played it many times without ever settling into a definite interpretation until just before we went into the studio. It was very much a collaboration and continues to be each time we play it. I knew I wanted it to end with an echo of the first track coming in.  If you listen, play "Summer" right after it, and you'll see what I mean.

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Mary Harrison