Song of the Week: Who Does the Sun Love?

Today I am back at school, getting ready for the students to return on Monday.  In my other life--when I'm not playing music--I teach language arts, humanities and drama in a Montessori middle school. This song began to write itself when I was driving to work one day three years ago.  We were studying ancient cultures, and somehow the idea of worshiping the actual sun -- as did the ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs, the Natchez people, etc. -- became blended with the idea of being infatuated with a man who is like the sun, someone whose gravitational force is so strong that everything revolves around him.  And everyone loves him . . . but who does he love? How can you tell when that wonderful light seems to shine on everyone equally?  I'm sure the Velvet Underground's "Who Loves the Sun?" was also in my psyche somewhere.

Tracy and I first recorded a demo of this tune with our friend Matt Glagola almost exactly two years ago. Tracy played the snare -- that was a pre-Wayne recording.  It was a charming demo, but I think this is a more fully realized version of the song.  Still very sparse, with Tracy on melodica and bass, Tim on electric guitar, Wayne on drums and me on acoustic.  We had fun with the outro.


Mary O.

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Mary Harrison