About the Band

Atlanta’s Virginia Plane serves up folk pop goodness with dense vocal harmonies, irresistible hooks and dreamy landscapes. 



Virginia Plane is an indie rock outfit from Atlanta, GA. The band's 2017 release, Fair Weather, showcases the group's artistic range, expressive arrangements, and lush vocal harmonies.

Lead singer and songwriter Mary O. Harrison formed the band in 2010 with bassist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Tracy Clark. After several years of playing with various collaborators and friends, they were joined in 2016 by drummer Wayne Pelletier and a few month's later by guitarist Tim Pelletier. 

Mary O. has been a prolific songwriter since 1999 when she formed Atlanta indie pop group Charm School (1999 - 2004). She released a solo record, Factory of Days, in 2006.

Tracy is bassist for local heroes The Preakness, and often performs with Chickens and Pigs as well as the Good Graces, a band hand-picked by the Indigo Girls to open a handful of their 2015 summer tour dates across the US. 

Wayne spent years in Atlanta Americana scene veterans Stovall. More recently, Wayne was a member of Bruce Joyner and Atomic Clock including playing drums on the 2014 release 'The Devil Is Beating His Wife' on Closer Records.

Tim is a Berklee College of Music graduate and audio engineer at Turner Studios. His career as a guitarist has taken him across the country as a member of independent bands in San Fransisco and Austin. Tim currently plays bass for one of Atlanta’s favorite Americana bands, The Wheelknockers.

Fair Weather was recorded/engineered by Tim Delaney at Electron Gardens in Avodale Estates, GA. 

The name Virginia Plane references the classic Roxy Music tune "Virginia Plain" with an aerodynamic twist. Mary O. and Tracy, along with founding members Govind Dixit (ex-Charm School), and McGregor Button (Russian Spy Camera) released a self-titled EP in 2011. 



Mary O. Harrison
Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitars / Keys

Tracy Clark
Bass / Vocals / Guitar

Timothy Pelletier
Lead Guitar / Vocals / Bass

Wayne Pelletier
Drums / Vocals